Non-Profit Skills Training

The Mentorship Programme

“The link between skills development and meaningful income generation”

The mentorship programme provides post skills development support to rural communities in order to maximise the benefit of their training. Enabling them to generate additional income; thereby improve their quality of life.

The mentor provides access to physical resources such as materials and equipment and can assist with developing an organisational structure within the group. A needs analysis is carried out and the mentor uses the Embocraft resource network to begin to address those needs.

Mentors provide access to marketing opportunities, assist groups in product development, arrange additional training, provide guidelines for costing and management of orders, connect groups to the market and offer ongoing advisory services regarding material and technique. Where larger orders are spread out between groups, mentors drop off materials and collect finished product, as well as, ensures the group gets paid.

The introduction of the mentorship programme has borne positive results. It has created a link between the training trust and the communities and has extended the value of training to the benefit of the rural communities.