Non-Profit Skills Training

INDABUKO Art Project

INDABUKO – Means “Origins” returning to our Zulu roots

We are a group of young artists living in the beautiful Valley of  A Thousand Hills, KwaZulu Natal.

Our art reflects the rich cultural heritage of the Zulu nation.

Once the art work has been created, it is then exposed onto screens for printing on to cotton fabrics with water-based inks. All dyeing and screen printing processes are done individually, by hand. These skills result in a unique income generating business for the artist.

All processes involved in the project are environmentally friendly and sourced locally.

Everything used for the dying processes can be recycled and is composted back to nature.

The techniques used are safe and the natural materials used in processing and coloring the fabrics connect us to our African roots, thus caring for our land and its people.

This is important in a developing country.

It also provides much needed local employment.