Non-Profit Skills Training

Computer Skills

Basic Computer skills and introduction to the Internet courses

We run a 5 day course where in the students are taught all aspects of word and how to navigate their way around the computer.

They are taught how to use the internet and how to obtain a gmail address and send and receive emails.

This is beneficial for them as they are then able to type up their C V and send on job applications to prospective employers.

5-Day Course Content:

  • Basic Parts of a Computer & Common Computer Terms
  • Powering On/Off the Computer
  • Software
  • Using the Mouse
  • The components of Microsoft Windows
  • Maximizing/Minimizing/Closing
  • Highlighting, Cut, Copy & Paste
  • Save, Save As & Printing
  • Creating, Moving, Naming, Renaming & Deleting Folders
  • Typing
  • Using Microsoft Word
  • Using the internet
  • Creating an e-mail account
  • Sending / Receiving an e-mail

A certificate of attendance is issued on completion of the course.



Mpilo Nxumalo