Non-Profit Skills Training

September 2020 is almost at and end and we are now on level 1 in the Corona Crisis.  We have to remember that the danger of contracting the virus is still out there and still have to wear our masks and take necessary precautions.


Embocraft Training Centre is continuing to uplift and educate our community in skills development to assist the unemployed and poverty stricken to gain employment and provide for themselves.



I called this post SUNSHINE AND HAPPINESS because that depicts our lovely Kwa Zulu Natal to a tee.

We are experiencing the best weather at the moment and very soon the heat will hit us again.  Out the fans and air conditioners will come again and we will be sweating up a storm.  Fortunately over the years we have  been able to upgrade our training rooms and they are nice and cool on the very hot days.  Not one word of complaint ever from our staff and students.. All are ever so grateful for the opportunity to learn skills for a small registration fee of R250.00 per course. We pride ourselves in being able to keep this low and its mainly due to the support we receive from our donors.  We are ever so grateful to them.


2020 saw changes in our NPO with 3 new trustees coming on board and 2 long time trustees resignations due to business commitments.  The sad thing is that during the Covid 19 shut down we have been unable to hold our regular Trustees meeting and all reports have been done virtually.  Hopefully we will all soon sit around the boardroom tables and really get down to knowing our new members.


Our manager has been introducing a lot of new products to our little craft shop on site and we are hoping this will promote our students work and enable them to generate income.









Well until next time – yes I know this is shorter than my regular blogs but its a sign of the times and hopefully I will have a lot more news for you soon.


Stay safe and keep well