Non-Profit Skills Training

Well who would know that we would still be under lockdown and trying to keep our country afloat from this pandemic.  Actually I am not going to write about this pandemic anymore unless its absolutely essential, until I can say its over and life is back to normal. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many unemployed and starving people out there.  Our aim is to uplift and empower those folk who hopefully can gain a skill and provide for their families.

This month is Womens month and while we appreciate all the men we are associated with we wish all our Women students, funders and friends a Happy Womens month,


Embocraft Training Centre is up and running having had one scare but now we function fully once again.

Training classes are going well and our staff are following the protocols as directed and all are healthy.


Our dear Thandi Mtheku who has been with Embocraft Training Centre for 26 years now celebrated her 70th birthday on 8th August 2020… she was delighted to tell me that she was born in 1950 !!! She has no intention of retiring as she says Embocraft Training Centre is her life and she must keep sharing her knowledge with the youth.  What an amazing woman who has seen many events and happenings over her years at Embocraft Training Centre.  Wouldnt it be amazing if one had kept a tally of all the students she has mentored over the years… In my 10 years at it was an average of 12 classes of 10 students per year.  Some years more and some years less.  What an achievement Thandi we are proud of you and love you forever.

Some people give the gift of peace and tranquility to every life they touch. they are reliable, dependable, pleasant, loved and treasured.  That quote describes our Thandi to a T.


We send our condolences to Eric our welding trainer who lost his partner Cindy to illness last week and pray he finds comfort in his family and friends.


Our long time friend and donor Libby Weir from Australia is finding it so frustrating that she is unable to travel to our country and meet up with her adopted families in the Inchanga area that she has formed a bond with supports annually.

We are very grateful that we are able to assist her in passing on her funds to keep them safe and fed.   I know that Ntokozo and Thabiso and the rest are all missing their “mother”terribly.


For those of you who know of our “plant nursery” that was out the back of our premises that never took off and the poor plants feel into a sorry state, good news,  our client the  “Avo” farm lady has taken them all off our hands and is going to give them the much needed TLC and as this is good news for the plants, so it frees up a large area of our back yard that has been taken up by the plants.

Collaboration at it’s best!!
HIPPO WATER ROLLERS donated to us by Hillcrest Rotary distributed to our fellow NPO’S ..Nation Changers and 1000 Hills community helpers collected from Embocraft Training Centre today for use in their community gardens.Thankyou to our fundraiser Carolyn Webster for facilitating this donation and to Hillcrest Rotary for the donation.

For those of you who perhaps do not know what a Hippo Roller is – it for easy transportation of water to crops where there is no irrigation available.


We appreciate donations received from various companies and friends that are still coming in despite the times.  We received a wonderful truck load of trims and fancy laces which we are putting to good use.  Some in the production team for the shop and some in the training classes.  How wonderful to see the little dresses and clothing items trimmed in amazing laces. 


Our shop is quiet at the moment but that is not stopping our production team producing new items for sale.

These towels have been trimmed and packaged for sale using the donated lace.


Take care all until the next time

be wise, be safe,  wear your masks and sanitize.


Linda and the team at Embocraft Training Centre