Non-Profit Skills Training

Can you believe it – its day 110 of our lockdown and its been 24 days since my last blog.

To be honest there is not much to report on except that I paid a visit to Embocraft Training Centre yesterday and it was running very smoothly and it was great to see the classes up and running.

Welding, basic sewing and computer classes were all on the go.  although the classes are small because of the limit on the number of students per class and social distancing has to be adhered to.

All the classes that were halted before the lockdown have now been completed and the students graduated and catch up now for the folk that were on the waiting list now on the go.

I think a lot of folk are still nervous about going out during this pandemic resulting in a very small welding class, but one taught is one more with a skill.

Carolyn our fundraiser is finding it very difficult at this time to collect money as the responses are the the funders are supporting feeding schemes and not skills.

In our opinion, skills are just as important to the community as they can then go on home and generate an income to feed their families on a permanent basis.  Especially with the sewing projects as they are given a hand sewing machine together with patterns and offcut of fabric to start up their own little income generation projects at home.  I am not saying food handout are not important.. THEY ARE .. as they provide the much need support to the starving people who have lost their jobs and cannot work.  But in the long run.. providing them with a skill is equally as important for long time sustainability.

The Bible says that if you give a man a fish, he will eat today, but teach a man to fish and he will eat forever. ..

Please people consider this when deciding how to use your funds.

We look forward to the end of this Covid -19 pandemic and live to run smoothly and all back to normal.

Anthea our Co ordinator has managed to keep our Income generation team in full swing and production is really good at the moment.

1000’s of masks and other goods have been produced- a lot we have donated and others have been orders for various Universities and schools.

Past students have also sent in pictures (as below) of various masks they are making and selling in their communities.

Our tenants in the small entrepreneurs rooms have returned and they are happy to be back although business is very slow.  If you are passing, or visiting pop into to see them and encourage them.  Times are tough and a little encouragement goes a long way.



Until the next time.. keep safe… wear your masks.. sanitize and wash your hands..