Non-Profit Skills Training

Yes can you believe it.. 84 days of lockdown..Well Embocraft was given permission to open its doors to students once again.. providing protocol was met and sanitizing and social distancing was met.

This we did and so far we have managed to start up the welding, basic sewing, and last week computer and advanced sewing.

The students were very happy to be called back to continue with classes that were cut short abruptly when our President announced that on 27th March 2020 all industries and schools were to close.

What a shock to the entire country…. this was something like we have never before experianced.

We were in LOCKDOWN!!!  Sanitizers and face masks became our new normal! educating our people has been the most difficult as they have experianced all sorts of hardships in the past but never anything like this.  Companies closed down, jobs lost and feeding schemes and organisations are in full swing feeding the hungry.

This means that our SKILLS training is even more important for all these folk to become self sufficient and work from home.  On graduation the sewing students are presented with a manual hand sewing machine to take home and continue with their new skill in their community.  These machines are costly and this is where the bulk of our funding is spent.  Please consider donating to our cause even if its for one course of 10 people or one machine which costs R1650.00 – these machines are not guaranteed on graduation as it depends on our funding.


We were very fortunate that we were able to keep our salaried staff remunerated over this period, our savings saw to this.

Last night our President announced easing of a few more restrictions and we sincerly hope that this will see more people going back to work and earning their wages.

During the shutdown our classes were prepared for the students as per my last blog and its so wonderful to hear the laughter and singing and activity in our training rooms once again.

Our production team are now working out of the container that was used by the Advanced training and it is so much better for them.

Donations of trims and fabrics are coming in again so we will be able to use these with the students on their products they make in class.

At present we are still not allowed our full complement of students at the training centre so we have decided not to open the carpentry classes until 2021, also as the volunteer trainer is elderly and it would not be a good environment for him to be in.

Winter has hit us with a bang and we have all got out the Winter woolies and we ask you to spare a thought and prayer for the less fortunate who suffer in the cold.