Non-Profit Skills Training

All of you who know me will know of my passion for our amazing giants the Elephant

On my retirement after 9,5 years at the helm of this amazing Non Profit Organisation Embocraft Training Centre , the Trustees and staff awarded me with a trip to the Elephant Interaction at Bayela,  Mkuze in Northern Zululand.  An experience beyond my wildest dreams.  Here we interacted with two amazing “wild” elephants – as explained to us on introduction to them, these ellies still live as wild elephants but have 24hour guards with them for safety.  They are rescue ellies and as they are used to handlers they are vulnerable to poachers and the like.

I am blogging this as I know there are many of you followers, both national and international that would enjoy this amazing experience as much as I did.  I never dreamed that I would hand feed a 3m high giant and be able to hug and feel both the soft underbelly, stroke the veined ears and feel the rough wrinkled skin of one of my most favorite animals.

At Embocraft Training Centre you can also interact with our beautiful Ellies of our own.  See our Ellie standing outside the front of our Woza Embo craft shop inviting you in and look around the side of the building to see the impressive larger than life painting done by a local artist Giffy which faces our entrepreneur units.  Pop in and have your picture with these giants of Bothas Hill.